Is widely used as nutrition in cosmetics as a base for a number of cosmetic products as well as separately as masks and compresses.

Thanks to its properties and composition, it has a positive effect on the following:

  • Rebuilding of hydrobalance
  • Softening of the skin
  • Cleaning, moisturising, treating of irritated and dry skin
  • Improving of capillary blood circulation
  • Smoothing out the skin

Glauconite with Relief – mixture of essence oils.

Provides a targeted comfort to tired and aching joints and muscles. It gives calming feeling of chill and warmth in problematic areas. It reduces tiredness and reduces swelling in legs. With help of receptors it returns the feeling of freshness to body.

It improves blood circulations and nutritions of skin with varicose veins, it renews respiratory of skin, it cleans skin, and works positively on arthritis, arthritis, polyarthritis, sweating legs, bruises, etc.

Glauconite with Eucalyptus.

Is used on physical fatigue, overstrain, on flu. It improves blood circulations and nutrition of tissues. It has calming and cleaning effect, it eases respiration. It works positively during menopause. It forms healthy anti-inflammatory reactions in body.

Glauconite with Ylang-Ylang.

Strongly affects body bonus and positively works on sexuality. it is used for sexual problems in men and woman, on infection disease, on severe stresses, during recoveries after severe illnesses. It increases body tonus, affects positively emotions, improves mood, sleep, and it enhances work productivity. It is suitable to use on stress, depressions and hypotonia.

Glauconite with Lavender

Has bactericide and healing effect, rejuvenating effect, improves nutrition of cells and healing effect on injured skin, on acne, skin with spots, psoriasis, on face, on facial pigments spots, on paresthesia of cheek nerve, on inflammation of cheek nerve and on eczema.

It can also be used as sedative on neuroses, insomnia, stresses. It relies headache, improves blood circulation where skin problems, on arthritis, insomnia, pain in legs. It normalizes blood pressure. It is advisable to be applied when itching and nettle rush, when reduced muscle tension, etc.