As such, the company was founded five years ago. The reason is very simple. Never want nor we never wanted to found a company, which interferes with female beauty without it we were not 100% sure that what we offer is not even silver or bronze, but gold. Only after all the tests and evaluation of results we fasted to make cosmetics that does not, in our view no side effects. Glaukonit is a natural mineral, chemically modified. Nature is the biggest witch and she determines million years what organisms needed.

Glauconite makes your body healthier, life easier and can be enjoyed by many people in your family. Creates a sense of luxury and can be used for a long time. Our treasure is easy to use.

We promise you that our company further in its development will never use any chemicals and chemical products will be purified from nature or otherwise chemically treated.


Long age before humans existed and in the European territory were seas and the air was untouched by harmful poisons, at the bottom of the sea was created, the best minerals that existed on the earth.

60 million years ago Mica sand on the bottom of the ocean and green algae on the surface were covered in volcanic layers a volcanic eruption creating hidden “Green Treasure – Glauconite”. The rocks formed without modern day pollution of the earth to intervene in its purity. Over many years this “Green Treasure-Glauconite” mineralized. Later, the sea retreated, but “Green Treasure – Glauconite” stayed with its great “Information” continued within.Underground lakes free from contaminants are where “Green Treasure – Glauconite” is found, its purity flushes contaminants miraculously.

Analysis and testing of composition, show only the finest natural ingredients, free from chemicals, we have reached a composition of mineral that does not need to be hyped, its properties speak for itself.


”Who am I?

I am a dreamer who are fifteen years dedicated to ensuring that will give rise to joy.
All my actions were directed to the glauconite as pure mineral that comes from nature, given to you by the addition of flavorings which towards the satisfaction of your body. Merging these two components helps the your body physically and mentally. When and what I’ve ever done is irrelevant. Essentially it is what I have devoted the last years. If our product will tell you something, I will be happy together with you ”

Ladislav CEO